15. Yogamvar

This temple is located on the left side of the path to Santipura from Agnipur. It’s surrounded by wall with a single door, there are no images inside the temple, only a hole beneath a torana (tympanum), which represent the god Yogambara. It’s believed that it represents the deity of Mhepi shrine.

This temple will be remaining close most of days of year, but ones a year it’s open for auspicious puja. In this day panjus (priests) of Bungamati ought to offer worship here with the necessary materials, for taking Asana of the god Red Lokesvara of Bungamati in Lalitpur, day before mother’s day in Nepali calendars.  However, they have no authority to worship here on their own; only the elder of Swoyambhu Buddhacharya family and two assistants can perform the puja here. Before commencing puja, no ones are allowed to see puja happening in this temple, so announcement are made that no one’s can look outside their house. In morning of the mother’s day, before living the Swoyambhu,  the panjus read the invitation for Swoyambhu Buddhacharya families to come in auspicious date when the chariot of Bungamati’s Red Lokesvara go in to pull “Bungadyo Jatra”. 

There is a rule that the members of Swoyambhu Buddhacharya family need to take puja for Red Lokesvara on the first day of chariot pulling from pulachoka to ghabhala. It’s also said that until the puja of Swoyambhu come, one should not offer the ‘water flower’ to the chariot of Red Lokesvara.


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