Maamaki Tara

At Swoyambhu Stupa Permises there are 5 Buddhas and 5 Taras Statues put in together to form a circle in the stupa.

8. Yellow Tara

Yellow Tara also known as “Mamaki Tara”. She is the protector of secret mantras and She is known „as the mother of the mothers of all the Living beings in the Universe”. As such, her own powerful Mantra is also secret.

According to Tantric Buddhist symbolism of Newar Buddhist tradition there is a special ritual worship of Mamaki in the form of triad ritual objects (Newari: Anti, Khayakori and Thapin). The Newari word Anti is a special jar used for keeping fermented wine, Khayakori for Yoghurt and Thapin for keeping fermented beer.


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Five Buddhas

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