Chaitya's (Monuments)

26. Chaitya's (Monuments)

In the west-north side, in front of the main shrine Sri Samhengu Mahavihara (kwaapachhen), behind the Hariti temple of Swoyambhu Mahachaitya, there is an open space bounds with a multi structure of chaityas erected in various styles by different devotees at different times. This is a place with different kinds of chaityas so it is also known as “ Chaitya Park ”.

We can’t find this type of place elsewhere in the Kathmandu Valley with such a large number of chaityas. Because of varity of chaityas this place also called as an open museum for chaityas.

Chaityas in this place are as follows :

  • Asoka Chaitya (Licchavi Chaitya)
  • Sikharakutta Chaitya
  • Vajradhatu Chaitya
  • Bodhisattva Chaturvyuha Chaitya
  • Jalaharyopari Jinalankrta Chaitya
  • Dharmadhatu Jinalankrta Chaitya
  • Jvalavaliyukta Chaitya
  • Astakonakrti Padmachaitya
  • Chaturvyuha Buddha chaitya.
  • Sumeru chaitya.


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