Boiling Wheat Ceremony for Cow Feeding

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Puja done this morning to boil wheat for feeding cows.This is an annual ceromony of swoyambhu Buddhacharaya Family.Today wheat is boiled and will be fed to cows tomorrow(Ashoj 1st) with annual puja ceromony.every member of swoyambhu priest family have to be present for this ceromony which is held at the bottom of eastern stairways.There is a mandala in the square pit in front of the big stone Aksobhya tathagata statue.some consider the mandala as the gateway to the next world when a person dies(Janmadwar according to native newari people).according to story a guruju(priest) of swoyambhu who was childless.He left no stone unturned in performing religious rites to begat a child.At last he was successful in getting the child as a result.on the occasion of his profound happiness,he came to this spot,where he made the mandala and fed wheat 🌾 to a cow.

सा 🐄 इत छो 🌾 नकेत ,छो मनेत पूजा याना च्वंगु।वार्षिक गाईलाइ गहुँ खुवाउने पूजाको लागि,गहुँ बफाउन पूजा गरिंदै।

Images By – Prabin Buddhacharya