10th shamarpa's bell

23. 10th Shamarpa's Bell

The Bell was offered by the 10th Shamarpa Mipam Chodrup Gyamtso at Swayambhu in 1791. It is situated on the side of main entrance to Swayambhu Stupa, right next to Queen’s Shikhara .The Bell fall down during the earthquake which took place on 25th April 2015, and was reconstructed in April 2016.

Inscription written on the bell in Tibetan language:

To the precious, supreme support of the victorious dharmakaya,
I am happy to present this marvelous, melodious bell.

May spiritual wealth and long life, without sickness, completely flourish for myself,
and for the sentient beings linked together with me,
whether in times of conflict and degeneration, or in peace.
In order for the three doors (body, speech and mind) to pursue the sacred Dharma,
may it be impossible for dark forces to crash them.

While understanding well the way to the supreme essential meaning,
and attaining one of the sacred methods of the victorious state of the four kayak,
even when we rest in stable abiding,
may we never be separated from awakened mind,
and hear the everlasting sound of the peaceful Dharma.

May the good wishes of these verses,
written intently by the 10th Shamarpa Chodrub Gyatso, be fulfilled.

This bell was made with filed bronze at a cost of 170,
along with wages for fabrication, combined for a total of 1360 silver coins.

English translation by Annie Heckman


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